What’s Trending in Trade Show Booth Design and Experiential Marketing

by Mar 15, 2023

As a trade show exhibitor, staying current with the latest booth design trends is crucial to remaining competitive and attracting potential customers. Aside from your product or service offerings, your booth’s appearance can significantly impact how much traction and engagement you’ll get at the event. Incorporating the latest design trends helps you stay ahead of your competitors, showcases your brand as innovative and forward-thinking, and makes your booth stand out amongst the crowd. Do you want to know what’s popular this year?

Here’s what’s trending in trade show booth design and experiential marketing in 2023:

LED Tiles as the Booth’s Structure

Previously, trade show exhibitors used LED tiles to add dimension and unique animations to an aspect of their booth. Now, designers are going bigger and creating entire structures using the advanced software. When you use LED tiles for the structure, you can seamlessly blend images, messages, and changing colors around the entirety of your display and not just one section. Better yet, these tiles are long-lasting, lightweight, and more versatile than other structural options.

Moving Away from Wood Walls to Lightweight Aluminum

Because of its affordability, companies have relied on wood to fabricate their trade show booths. However, wood is heavy — the more you use, the higher it costs to ship and transport. While aluminum extrusions are slightly more expensive, they are significantly lighter than wood, saving you in transportation costs. Also, aluminum can withstand significant wear and tear before it’s time to refurbish or replace your booth, increasing your booth’s lifespan. Additionally, aluminum gives booths a sleek look, so exhibitors are taking advantage of its many benefits.

More Printed Flooring

Every surface of your booth should grab the attention of attendees, even your floor. Many brands are starting to shy away from carpeted and hardwood flooring for their trade show booths and, instead, are using custom-printed vinyl to create impressive flooring. Not only does printed vinyl produce quality and detailed graphics that can withstand high impact, but they are reusable, making them a cost-effective flooring option. In a world where people constantly look down at their phones, an eye-catching floor will make attendees look up and immerse themselves in your booth experience. 

Incorporation of VR and AI

Trade show attendees want unique and memorable experiences. To achieve this, exhibitors are incorporating more virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology into their booths. VR immerses consumers in a virtual setting bringing products and services to life. Chat boxes are also used in booths to answer consumers’ questions immediately, boosting their interest and guiding them around the exhibit. This new technology improves visitors’ experiences and their overall satisfaction. 

Merging Digital and Live Events

Hybrid trade shows are growing in popularity to increase audience size and capture more global leads. While many were eager for in-person events, some still enjoy and prefer digital trade shows. Merging digital and live events is the solution that pleases all attendees and provides the most accessibility and opportunity for networking. You can get the most out of this experience by providing live chats and immediate sale opportunities during the hybrid trade show.

Live-Streaming of In Booth Activities

Exhibitors have been looking for ways to connect with more people than those attending the trade show in person. Enter live-streaming activities and announcements. A live video streaming feed can bring the show to those at home and include them in demos, product launches, or exclusive announcements. To have as many online viewers as possible, you’ll want to publicize your live stream to your customer base through social media or email and let them know when and where they can watch it and the event itinerary.

Marketing Genome Can Execute the Latest Trade Show Booth Design Trends 

If you’re interested in implementing any of these trends into your 2023 trade show booth or experiential marketing strategy, Marketing Genome has you covered. Customizing a unique booth experience can be challenging, but not when working with experts passionate about creating concepts that are true to your brand and tailored to reach the right audience.

Do you need help creating an eye-catching and on-trend trade show booth? One of our expert marketing consultants can provide a complimentary brainstorming and evaluation session to find out how we can help you. Let’s Talk!

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