You’ll find what you’re looking for, whether you decide to start from scratch or choose one of our pre-fabricated exhibits.

20 x 30 Trade Show Booths

We offer numerous 20 x 30 trade show booth designs for rental or purchase. We offer two distinctly different solutions.

First option, we can provide fully customizable 20 x 30 booths using our modular system. With this process, you start from scratch and we design exactly what you want. Our modular system is incredibly versatile in design capabilities and allows you to scale up or down depending on your booth size. This means you can potentially use components of your 20 x 30 booth and use them in part of a larger booth such as a 20 x 30.

Second option, explore our gallery of pre-fabricated 20 x 30 booths. All of these trade show booths allow for minor customization, but we offer a great deal of options including SEG lightbox structures, modern displays, hybrid exhibits, and much more. 

Everything we provide is tailored to your needs, goals, budget, and with turnkey service

How Our Turnkey Process Works.

Our 20×30 exhibit and display design services are unparalleled.

We take ownership of your program from the word “go” and your whole show is taken care of with our turnkey service.

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Coast to Coast Service and Reliability

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