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Custom Island Trade Show Displays, Booths & Exhibits

Marketing Genome is an award-winning exhibit house that produces custom island trade show displays, exhibits, and booths for rent or purchase. Our capabilities allow us to provide a variety of custom island trade show display solutions to achieve exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

The first option, we can provide a fully customizable island trade show display using a variety of metal extrusions or custom millwork with our talented team of craftsmen. Our shop has state-of-the-art fabrication equipment such as CNC machines, plasma cutters, metalworking, 3D printers, and everything else in between.

The second option, using our modular booth system to create a custom island trade show display exhibit. With this process, you start from scratch and we design exactly what you want. Rather than using bulky, heavy wooden cam lock panels, our aluminum frame system has a lot more to offer. Our modular system is incredibly versatile in design capabilities and allows you to scale up or down depending on your booth size. This means you can potentially reuse components of your booth and use them in part of a larger custom island display or even a smaller display if you need to scale down.

Everything we provide is tailored to your needs, goals, and budget along with turnkey service.


Islands. Inlines. Endcaps. Corners.

We produce custom trade show displays for all booth shapes & sizes including islands, inline booths, corner booths, endcap booths, and wherever your exhibiting space may be.



Custom Exhibits

Custom Display Fabrication



Our warehouse boasts nearly 30,000 square feet of space and it is a secured, temperature-controlled facility with 3 loading docks at dock height and 1 loading dock at grade level, 2 Toyota forklifts, and includes:

  • ✔ CNC machines
  • ✔ Metalworking stations
  • ✔ Staging & Assembly
  • ✔ Electronics Storage room
  • ✔ Over 60 storage bays
  • ✔ Electronics Storage room

Trade Show Inventory Management



Track your trade show display assets with our inventory management software. Extremely powerful and intuitive software that keeps us both on the same page as your trade show booth assets move around the country.

  • ✔ Web-based asset tracking software
  • ✔ Asset location tracking
  • ✔ Custom labeling/scanning
  • ✔ Asset lifecycle management
  • ✔ RFID tracking
  • ✔ Availability calendar

Custom Trade Show Display Designs

Your Satisfaction is Paramount


We view your success as our success. It is our job to make you look great, stay in budget, deliver an exceptional booth, and make it an easy process for you while doing so.

How Our Turnkey Process Works.

Our custom exhibit and display design services are unparalleled.

We take ownership of your program from the word “go” and your whole show is taken care of with our turnkey service.

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Coast to Coast Service and Reliability

Strategic placement on the East and West coast guarantees Marketing Genome can handle any job … anywhere.

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