Trade Show & Event Marketing eBooks

Download any one of our useful Ebooks. They’re designed to help you with your overall marketing efforts when planning your next experience.

Trade Show Booth Guide

Have a More Successful Trade Show Exhibit Experience This Year


The Multi-Trade Show ROI & Budget Tracker

Seamlessly track your entire trade show yearly budget and provide a clear Return-on-Investment


Trade Show Planning Worksheets

Everything you need for your next trade show conveniently packaged in one easy to use guide. Because were not all neurotically organized.


Trade Show Booth Space Selection

Are you ready for a more profitable trade show experience?


The Last Event Budget Template You Will Ever Need

Use this budget to easily manage all your expenses and know EXACTLY where your spend is going.


16 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Next Trade Show

Lets take a look at how you can keep your costs low without sacrificing quality.


The Trade Show Booth Rental or Buy Guide

Learn whether it makes sense to rent or buy your next trade show booth


Reinvent Your Event Marketing for Higher ROI

Learn How to Create A Remarkable Trade Show Presence, Measure Results and ROI


28 Effective Trade Show Display Ideas

Discover 28 nitty-gritty details that help develop flawless turnkey trade show executions.


Trade Show Budget Guide | Get on Track!

Are you interested in learning how to budget for your trade show, but don’t know where to begin?


Coast to Coast Service and Reliability

Strategic placement on the East and West coast guarantees Marketing Genome can handle any job … anywhere.

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Simply reach out, and one of our expert marketing consultants will get on the phone for a complimentary brainstorm and evaluation session to find out how we can help you.

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