Looking to take your trade show booth to the next level?

The AGAM Modular System can take you there. With over 100 extrusion varieties and 500 accessories. We are readily available to immediately satisfy any custom display requirements you may have.

Differentiate Through Creativity

AGAM Aluminum Modular Exhibit Displays interlock with ease while creating a tight, strong fit creating the ability to build some truly unique structures that are not possible with other materials. From floating structures to curved walls, your imagination is the limit in transforming your ordinary exhibit into something jaw dropping.

Uncompromised Design

Much like our other similar exhibit displays, the AGAM Modular System is engineered with the same lightweight aluminum materials, meaning the same mobility, strength, and versatility. Couple that with the money you will save in shipping, drayage and labor and you have a standout exhibit that will fit any budget.

Fully Flexible Orders And Customization

Retail fixtures, display cases, shelving and partitions are set up in no time at all due to the wide variety of aluminum extrusions available. Extrusions interlock together with ease leaving your I&D labor scrounging for ways to waste more time. Small to large, round to square, traditional to SEG, this Modular System features over 150 different extrusions to get your booth looking how you always imagined it to be.

Evolve With Us

At Marketing Genome, we strive for innovation and success. With our team and your company’s goals and expectations, we can develop a mind-blowing exhibit for your next event. From free floating walls, hidden closets and oversized banners let us make your next exhibit shine!

Full-Service Trade Show Marketing

Focus on what you need to do and let us handle the rest of your trade show booth experience.

PR Marketing

Maybe it’s a flash mob or an interactive display. Our campaigns are designed with intent to drive media and social engagement across all platforms as well as word-of-mouth.

Sponsorship Activation

Get the most leverage out of your sponsorship. Whether you’re looking for a one-off or a multi-tiered marketing campaign. Let us handle placement, timing, association, and negotiate fees.

Pop Up Shop

Create an experience without committing to a brick and mortar lease. Pop Up Shops are temporary installations that allow you to engage your audience, generate awareness, and sales.

Mobile Tours

Create an immersive brand experience where your audience lives, works, and plays. We provide turnkey solutions and flexibility to generate a campaign with maximum impact.

Street Teams

Tap into our nationwide network of qualified talent for your next street team event. Our staff members are vetted and thoroughly trained to enforce your overall brand messaging.

Product Launch Events

Your new product deserves a high-impact event that will generate buzz. Let’s create something press worthy, trigger word-of-mouth, and ultimately drive sales.

Unique AGAM Exhibits Displays & Designs

Marketing Genome is the leading provider of lightweight AGAM trade show booth exhibits and displays. Our versatile system allows the use of SEG fabrics, hard panels, curved walls, and illuminated graphics. Endless configurations allow you to expand or reduce your footprint.

We are strategically located on both East and West Coasts, saving our clients on costly shipping charges.

Our Convention Booth Designs and Exhibits consistently boost client’s revenue, increase leads and skyrocket brand awareness.

Just storing booth materials can be expensive. If you choose to rent an exhibit, those costs virtually disappear.

About Us & Our Turnkey Process

Rapidly growing since 2010, Marketing Genome was founded by two marketers with a passion for creating trade show display immersive experiences in a world with evolving trends. Opening our first office in historic Asbury Park, New Jersey and second facility in San Diego, California. We continue to expand and serve all major U.S. cities including Austin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, NYC, and more.

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Trade Show & Event Marketing eBooks

Download any one of our useful Ebooks. They’re designed to help you with your overall marketing efforts when planning your next experience.

The Multi-Trade Show ROI & Budget Tracker

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Trade Show Booth Guide

Have a More Successful Trade Show Exhibit Experience This Year


Trade Show Planning Worksheets

Everything you need for your next trade show conveniently packaged in one easy to use guide. Because were not all neurotically organized.


Trade Show Booth Space Selection

Are you ready for a more profitable trade show experience?


16 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Next Trade Show

Lets take a look at how you can keep your costs low without sacrificing quality.


The Last Event Budget Template You Will Ever Need

Use this budget to easily manage all your expenses and know EXACTLY where your spend is going.


Coast to Coast Service and Reliability

Strategic placement on the East and West coast guarantees Marketing Genome can handle any job … anywhere.

Say Hello Let’s Talk

Simply reach out, and one of our expert marketing consultants will get on the phone for a complimentary brainstorm and evaluation session to find out how we can help you.

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