Virtual Trade Show Booth Experiences.

A 3D model of your virtual trade show booth.

Allow guests to view your space in a 360-degree experience – creating a virtual tour that allows you to click on various action items within the model. 

Use your mouse to click and drag to explore.

While exploring the model you will see clickable buttons or clickable items such as TV monitors. Clicking on these items will prompt an action such as providing information about a product, a website URL, videos, or maybe social sharing options. Numerous other features are available to make your virtual booth fun and interesting.


  • Guided virtual tours with voiceovers. 
  • Clickable buttons within your model (share, purchase, videos, info, etc.).
  • Integrated analytics.


  • eCommerce for special release limited items


  • Private or Public
  • Workshops
  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Q and A Panels 
  • Virtual Meet and Greets
  • Release exclusive merchandise, trailers, or other content


Enhance your digital experience by utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Easily take your 3D model and integrate that into a real-world environment. Call for more information.

  • Increase sales on limited release items
  • Better control inventory
  • Ease of logistics versus physical trade show sales
  • Lower overhead
  • No lines! 

Interactive Virtual Trade Show Booths.

Take your physical trade show booth and transform it into a digital experience that can be viewed on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop available for public or private use.

Go Social. 

Take your virtual trade show booth and share with a dedicated share button across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instant Messaging, SMS, comment fields, forum responses, etc. We even provide a QR Code generator for print media.

Try it out! ↓

Reports & Analytics. 

Understanding what’s working and what is not is vital for success. Our reporting suite helps you understand which parts of your virtual trade show booth are engaging your users, what hotspots and promoting interaction, and how much traffic sections of your booth are receiving.

Embed Anywhere. 

Using our embed code generator, we can embed your virtual trade show experience anywhere using JavaScript or iFrames. The script version allows movement via your mobile phone accelerometer across domain names.

Exclusive items encourage sales as well as increase engagement with your audience. Our platform will give you eCommerce opportunities to continue to release exclusive products, content, or services to specific audiences.


  • Increase sales on limited release items.
  • Better control inventory.
  • Ease of logistics versus physical trade show sales.
  • Lower overhead.
  • No lines!

eCommerce Opportunities.

Live video streaming offers a ton of engaging solutions that will truly make your virtual trade show experience unique. Keep your audience involved with a daily schedule of events that keep users coming back to the site.


  • Q n A sessions with the host or hostess.
  • Trivia or other games as groups.
  • Virtual meet and greets with celebrities, artists, writers, and other talent.
  • Contest and tournament syncing.

Live Streaming Event Schedule.

Let us help you create unique daily experiences that bring real world activities into digital engagements. How? What about a real claw machine played virtually? We can create a real claw machine that users can control from home and when they win a prize it is sent to them directly. Or maybe a remotely controlled remote car race with daily winners? Or maybe a live trivia game show? Reach out to us for more information.

  • Gain and keep attention.
  • Build awareness

Experiential Meets Digital.

The Perfect Virtual Exhibit.

Whether it be during uncertain times or just as a supplement to an existing trade show, an Interactive Virtual Booth is the perfect way to build hype, amplify awareness, boost sales and improve overall brand image. There is no limit to the potential avenues that can become successful when going digital with your booth. The industry is ready. Are you?

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