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Showcase your individuality with LED Tiles Display and Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Ever wish there was a way to showcase more than just a few images on your booth without reprinting and swapping mid-show? Are TV’s mounted on the wall just getting stale and repetitive? Then Modular LED Tiles displays may what you’ve been looking for.

Daisy-chained together or integrated sporadically throughout your modular trade show booth, LED tiles enable exhibitors to change their images and messages in an instant. New trade show booth ideas surface regularly but rarely do they provide the freedom these modular panels do. Browse over 60 of them below.

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Meet Our Exhibit System

Our frame system offers solutions for custom booths, Lightboxes, signage, modular displays and more. They are scalable, durable and weigh less than a small dog, saving our clients on costly shipping and drayage charges.


Get "Hands On" with Our Lightbox Frames

Using LED tile technology installation takes no more than assembling aluminum tiles to a lightweight frame. All without requiring any tools. High-Power LEDs ensure an intense and uniform still or in-motion image.


We are strategically located on both East and West Coasts, saving our clients on costly shipping charges.

Our exhibits utilize the lightest materials in the industry to cut weight, save on drayage and speed up labor times.

Our booth exhibits consistently boost clients revenue, increase leads and skyrocket brand awareness.

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