Shaping The Perfect Brand Experience Through 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns

by Jan 4, 2017

As a experiential marketing agency, we’re always blown away by the look on customers faces when they finally get “hands on” with our client’s product or service. It’s not something they get to experience from the other end of a computer screen and we feel this is one main key to the “human experience” as well as an incredibly powerful marketing strategy.

So we had the idea, “How can we amplify these effects for both our clients and their customers?” The answer is quite simple; Leverage our favorite experiential marketing campaigns into one giant experiential masterpiece to produce the ultimate brand experience and of course the ROI that comes with it. Without further ado, here are 5 experiential marketing campaigns to shape the ultimate brand experience.

Stage 1: Set The Groundwork

During product launch, a basic PR promotional campaign should be first priority, whether that be billboards, QR code promos and/or augmented reality(pretty hot right now) something should be launched to start spreading some awareness. Of course amplification through social media is a huge boost for very little cost.

These tactics will usually be the “jumping off” point for the rest of the marketing campaign, so they are essential. They will also give you a solid indication of how your product/service is being perceived. Getting discouraging results? Don’t hesitate to change up messaging, targeting and location if they don’t seem to be living up to expectations.



Stage 2: Go Mobile

Next, based on the above tactics, determine the best geographical areas for a mobile marketing tour. Some additional geo-research is most likely in order here. Feel free to get crazy with the research but keep in mind, YOUR MOBILE! The beauty of Mobile Marketing Tours is the ability to pack up and move if you’re not seeing results. Targeting down to specific cities should suffice but narrowing to neighborhoods will of course save time and fuel.

You can also use (in conjunction) everything from mobile billboard trucks to interactive kiosks to deliver your message in an informative, unobtrusive and entertaining way. Also remember that these resources CAN be reused. We always like to throw out parking around trade shows and conventions since you can micro-target and get more for your money. You certainly can’t argue with numbers!

Stage 3: Hit The Streets


Send out the Infantry! Street teams can become the offensive play you need to spread the word about your mobile tour. Do not underestimate the multiplicative effect of this strategy. Like soldiers marching behind a tank, neither one works quite as well on their own as they do in unison.

If your location happens to be at a trade show or convention, sidewalks are usually fair game but before sending brand ambassadors inside the show, be sure to check show policies as some events require special permission to advertise on the show floor. If you have a booth at the show you may find getting the team inside is much easier.




Stage 4: Paint The Town

If you are exhibiting at a trade show, back up the main trade show booth with a random pop-up shop. Often times permanently closed storefronts or just owners that skip town during shows will be open to renting out their space for a few days.

We find that creating an entirely different atmosphere/theme than the trade show exhibit works best. People are more likely to drop by to see something new and “exclusive” rather than something they have already paid to see at the show. And again! Don’t forget to promote each spot at the other.

Stage 5: Back It Up

One final note – always, always, always back up your experiential marketing campaign with social media. Hashtags, QR codes, show apps, anything you can put out will help turn your campaign in to the ultimate brand experience.

Exit: Stage Left

So there you have it.

Stage 1: Start with PR groundwork; Social Media Promotion, Broad Canvasing, App Development, etc.
Stage 2: Target high-traffic geographical locations and begin Mobile Tours.
Stage 3: Send in the Street Teams and Brand Ambassadors.
Stage 4: Jump on the trade show circuit and capitalize presence with a Pop-up Shop.
Stage 5: Measure and adjust. Promote with more Social Media.

Yes, it seems like a large undertaking but with a little help from a good experiential marketing agency and plenty of planning you could be on your way to delivering the ultimate brand experience and all the goodies that come with it. Good Luck!


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