We are all about unconventional strategies that gain consumer exposure and brand value. We help businesses, large and small, build their brands using nontraditional, high-impact, highly targeted alternative event management solutions.


Experiential Event Management To The Power of MG

It is called a lot of different things… Guerrilla, Alternative, Relationship, Live, Word-of-Mouth, Buzz, etc. Whatever you want to call it, we have a passion for it. It allows your customer to touch, feel, hear, smell, and taste your brand, product, or service in a fun and relaxing way that will resonate with them long after the experience is over. It is the difference between telling someone about your brand and letting them experience it firsthand. It adds tremendous value to your brand’s overall experiential event management strategy and compounds what they have already seen and heard. It is the icing on the cake.

Experiential marketing is the lifeblood of our agency. We have a passion for creating unique, memorable programs that will resonate with your end-users far after the event is over. From month long mobile tours and pop up shops to 2-minute flash mobs, rest assured knowing that your event is in good hands.

Our Extensive Experiential Marketing Services

PR Marketing

Maybe it’s a flash mob or an interactive display. Our campaigns are designed with intent to drive media and social engagement across all platforms as well as word-of-mouth.

Sponsorship Activation

Get the most leverage out of your sponsorship. Whether you’re looking for a one-off or a multi-tiered marketing campaign. Let us handle placement, timing, association, and negotiate fees.

Pop Up Shop

Create an experience without committing to a brick and mortar lease. Pop Up Shops are temporary installations that allow you to engage your audience, generate awareness, and sales.

Mobile Tours

Create an immersive brand experience where your audience lives, works, and plays. We provide turnkey solutions and flexibility to generate a campaign with maximum impact.

Street Teams

Tap into our nationwide network of qualified talent for your next street team event. Our staff members are vetted and thoroughly trained to enforce your overall brand messaging.

Product Launch Events

Your new product deserves a high-impact event that will generate buzz. Let’s create something press worthy, trigger word-of-mouth, and ultimately drive sales.

Experiential Marketing Solutions

Experiential marketing is the lifeblood of our agency. We have a passion for creating unique and memorable experiential programs that’ll resonate with your customers long after your event is over. We craft seamless events and experiential marketing campaigns that work for your brand. They are one-of-a-kind. Tailored to hit your audience at the right time and right place.

Easy and Effective Experiential Events

We are strategically located on both east and west coasts saving on travel and talent aquisition costs.
We always plan and design our experiential events with end budgets in mind.
Over 20 years of experiential marketing experience gaurantees we only run a campaign that will be effective.

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We Stand with Our Clients

We proudly deliver trade show booths, exhibits, and experiential events to a variety of diverse and renowned clients across all industries.


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Coast to Coast Service and Reliability

Strategic placement on the East and West coast guarantees Marketing Genome can handle any job … anywhere.

Say Hello Let’s Talk

Simply reach out, and one of our expert marketing consultants will get on the phone for a complimentary brainstorm and evaluation session to find out how we can help you.

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