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Marketing Genome is an established producer of trade show displays and experiential programs for New York Comic Con (NYCC). As an experiential agency and trade show exhibit house, we love booth ideas that can tackle both spectrums of marketing. So you could imagine our elation when Sony Pictures reached out to us looking for an outside-the-box idea for a Spider-Man Homecoming New York Comic Con Booth and Experiential Activation.

We can’t help but think the “upside-down” idea was a spawn of a Jurassic World NYCC Exhibit Display we did for Universal Pictures a few years back (NYCC 2015). That Exhibit was a complete set replica of the actual Jurassic World gates from the movie. The idea for the Sony experiential trade show booth would prompt us with a similar task, to create a set replica… upside down. The other major obstacle was the Spider-Man movie was still being produced and with tight NDA restrictions, we had limited resources to help us match the set. As you’ll see that was not a problem for this NYCC trade show booth.

Marketing Genome Spiderman Photo & Video Experience at NYCC

The Build

For Spider-Man, we landed on an EXACT set replica, this time from Peter Parker’s bedroom from the major motion picture. When we say EXACT, we mean every single little detail was spot-on. No matter how minute or inconsequential it seemed it was still added in. This included: the lamps, blankets and quilts, limited edition posters, sneakers, even the Lego Deathstar was half crushed exactly like the movie. Needless to say, it was an incredibly lengthy, painstaking task. Especially given a relatively short lead-team. 


When we were finally 100% positive we had an EXACT scene replica we entered final exhibit fabrication and then flipped the entire room 180-degrees upside-down! Every Lego piece, every chess piece – the storage tubs, the bed sheets, the ceiling light fixture and bunk bed were all individually glued, bolted or suspended upside down!

The Experience

Sony Pictures was able to secure primo booth space outside the show doors in the “crystal palace”. This related to tons of foot traffic and opportunity for lead capture. At the beginning of the queue, attendees were asked for email and social media information for their picture/video to be sent to using the hashtag #hanglikespidey.

When they reached the actual room they crawled through an upside down fire escape onto the bedroom ceiling where they were instructed to “give us your best Spider-Man pose” for their picture and video. 

Marketing Genome Spiderman Photo & Video Experience at NYCC

After exiting the activation, (through an upside down bedroom door) attendees had the opportunity to throw on a VR headset and swing around in cyberspace as if they were Spider-Man himself. Between the two experiences, we think this is the closest fans could ever get to being Spider-Man without getting bit by a radioactive spider. 

The Results

The results and fan reactions from the NYCC crowd were astonishing. There was not one minute of the show that the stanchion ropes were not bursting at the seams. Talk about hyper-targeting: A Spider-Man trade show booth at a comic book trade show where Spider-Man fans could step into the shoes of Spider-Man himself!

There was no doubt this was the perfect NYCC exhibit and we’re pretty sure Sony Pictures felt the same way.

Final Thoughts

The Spider-Man New York Comic Con Booth was by no means a difficult build for us. Booth Fabrication was relatively easy (sans sourcing all the set pieces). It was the ideation, logistics, timeline and on-site assembly that were a slight challenge. But again we swung into action and crushed it. Like superheroes. Like … well… Spider-Man!




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