What Type Of Exhibit Displays And Tactics Sell Most At Trade Shows

by Apr 21, 2015

Considering a trade show exhibit venture or campaign but not sure how to make it pay off? How should my booth be set-up? Who am I targeting? When can I call my campaign successful? These are all questions that should be asked prior to jumping in with both feet. In the case of purely pulling, as much ROI from a trade show exhibit, there are certain exhibit designs that tend to hit those said targets. Below is some preliminary information to get you rolling.



  • You must have booth staff manning your display that are outgoing and love to build relationships with potential clients. This is a given but, if on the spot sales is your goal you will need booth staff that knows the product/service to a T. Usually actual employees fit this bill. You would also be surprised how well employees other than the sales department perform in a unique setting such as a trade show or convention.
  • Your display must not look cluttered with paper and miscellaneous items. You should make sure that the display unit is constructed in such a way that it has hidden drawers, compartments or even a storage closet integrated into the design. A clutter free environment sends a signal to your visitors that you’re highly organized, professional and capable of a painless sale on the spot.
  • Promotional items should be relevant and useful. Don’t give bottle openers out to people that are constantly stressed out behind a desk or pens to people that play sports for a living. Make sure to collect information from them in return for gifts for a more personal follow up.
  • Trade show displays should be engaging and build awareness through lighting, creative signage and audio/visuals that begin engagement even before prospects arrive at your display. These are your lead magnets. Make sure they are professional and accurately portray your brand. 

  • Your booth staff should be trained for selling. If your staff gets overzealous and spends too much time selling product on the spot, they have missed the real purpose of the display. Sales oriented trade show displays are designed to reach a high number of people. Focusing on selling the product to one prospect will negatively impact the number of people that are met and engaged as potential clients.   
  • Interaction with your display should go a long way with establishing a relationship with potential clients. If any of your products and services can be converted into interactive working models, you will have ample time with many of your prospects to begin a relationship and set the appointment for a more comprehensive conversation that translates into bigger sales.


  • Quick checkout tools help decrease lines. Although long lines build hype, there is nothing more off putting to attendees than having to waste half a day waiting on line before even seeing what is being sold. Utilize tablet checkout technology, registers and verities of payment methods to ensure attendees are not turned off by wasting time. There is a balance in exhibiting, make sure to find it.
  • Have your display staff focus more on the benefits that your product brings. Feature selling is informational selling. Have knowledgeable staff manning these types of exhibits. Hot dog vendors don’t sell you on the bun, the hotdog, the relish, mustard or ketchup. They sell you on how good it all tastes. That’s what your display should do as well.
  • Finally, you should chronicle this working display with photos, videos, gif’s, etc. that you can promote with future prospective clients via social media, digital and other experiential marketing techniques.

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