Weeding Out Experiential Marketing Agencies With 7 Simple Questions

by Dec 9, 2015

Are you 100% positive what experiential marketing is? If so skip this introduction. If not, listen up! Experiential marketing, aka engagement, event and experience marketing, is a highly effective form of marketing that seeks to directly engage potential customers through participation in the growth of a brand, keyword here: participation!

Not many people enjoy traditional aggressive sales tactics and why should they? IMO, I don’t like wasting time just hearing about a product, show me!” (No, I’m not from Missouri). Even better I like test-drives before I buy.  

Experiential activations like street team promotions, live product demos, product sampling, and product launch events, just to name a few, are what we like to think of as “marketing an experience”: participating hands-on, test drives if you will. 

No time to waste on test-drives? Behold, The Experiential Marketing Agency! We take on the burden of experiential marketing campaigns leaving you time to handle your day-to-day operations. But before you get that monkey off your back, here are the top 7 questions to ask your experiential marketing agency before signing on the dotted line.

1. Is Your Experiential Marketing Firm Actually An Experiential Firm? 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but just as you wouldn’t want your PR Agency to run a television campaign, you don’t want an Ad Agency to run your experiential marketing campaign. If you are a little skeptical, ask them to define experiential. If they stammer you know your talking to the wrong people.

2. Do You Know Our Audience?

A marketing experience isn’t a one-size-fits-all execution. Make sure the firm has the skills, expertise, and talent to identify with the industry you’re targeting. The last thing your brand needs is a bad reputation for running a live experiential activity targeting the wrong crowd.

3. How Digitally Savvy Are You? 

Let there be no confusion, this is the age of digital. Deny this fact and you are dead in the water. Experiential promotions don’t have to be a one-time event. Your money can go way farther with some digital ingenuity. You’ll want a firm that goes beyond one-off approaches and amplifies your spend with a digital and social approach or at very least, can deliver a few suggestions.





4. Can We Talk ROI For A Minute? 

Experiential marketing can either deliver some of the best ROI in your advertising campaigns, or can be a hazardously expensive sideshow. If ROI is your end goal (as opposed to something like a brand awareness campaign) ensure your agency has ROI as its end goal and the means to prove it.


5. How Large is Your Experiential Network? 

A successful experiential marketing program requires a talented network of experiential staffing, multiple transportation options, experiential venues, set builders, and so much more. Check to see whether your firm of choice has the best people in the right places to execute what may sound like a solid experiential strategy. 



6. How Do You Measure The Immeasurable? 

You want a firm that knows how to measure success. As mentioned before, not all campaigns entail ROI and profit as an end result. If blanket awareness is your goal, how will you know you’ve succeeded? There are ways to measure, don’t be fooled…


7. How Are Brand Ambassadors Trained? 

The field staff of your experiential marketing agency will be an extension of your staff. They are the face of your brand. Questions to ask your firm include inquiring about the training of their own staff. Marketing a brand experience only works when the frontlines have the right weapons!


Final thoughts…

Finding the right experience marketing agency should never be difficult but if any of these questions leave you uneasy, some more research should follow. When seeking out the right experiential marketing firm for you and your business make sure to remember to ask these 7 questions and the future of your company and campaigns will be secure! 

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