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by Mar 28, 2017

As our trade show industry grows it simultaneously progresses. Booths get larger, taller and increasingly intricate, technology gets insane (we are blown away by the advancements of the past few years) and ideas keep getting more and more innovative. So how do we compete?

To develop a unique trade show display, and I mean “unique” the exhibit design needs to be like nothing that’s been seen before.


First bell has rang and It’s show and tell time. Break out your best unique trade show display and make your colleagues jealous. Show them the individuality that sings your brand identity. This means more than your company’s colorful logo and a TV. Everyone else has that!

I could rifle off a dozen different tactics we see every day. Unique trade show displays don’t need to be budget-busting with random features thrown at it to make it seem “unique”. Be different, be you! Maybe in this case, the best approach is to simply show you show an example or two.

Brunner Gmbh Edge Award Winner

Brunner GmbH was on point with their unique trade booth display design named Exhibitor Magazine’s edge award winner of 2013. Plastic letters that were once the main display of signs within hotels and airports inspired the design of the booth. The 54,000+ tiny white letters formed silhouettes of people reclining and sitting in a variety of scales; This was a simple yet incredibly creative way of boosting otherwise boring walls. From there simplistic yet attractive seating was placed and finally it was finished with a custom cloud-themed hanging light-up display.

While the booth was appealing to the eye, the entire design was very specific to their company. Brunner GmbH is a leading manufacturer for tables and chairs. Airports and hotels are filled with these two things. The combination of the touch of the letters, the images they formed, and their own merchandise placed within the booth, created a cohesively unique trade show booth design.



Molo Design Ltd Exhibitor Magazine’s Gold Winner

“One of a kind” in the trade show industry does not always mean loud. Exhibitor Magazine’s gold winner of 2013 is a flawless example of this. Molo Design Ltd. Created a 45 x 80 foot exhibit using kraft paper and soft block. Everything from the walls, to the light fixtures to the seating was made from paper.

Molo Design Ltd. is a company that makes products and furniture only constructed by using their paper materials. Bringing the Molo’s skills to create an organic atmosphere drew audiences in to soon explore that the entirety of the exhibit was made from paper.

These two companies are winners because they used innovative trade show booth display ideas to create unique trade show display designs and executed those ideas flawlessly. Companies have come into the habit of relying on loud graphics and the newest technologies to create their “unique trade show displays.” In reality many companies are using these tactics resulting in blurred lines of booths.

Final Tips

Focusing on your own company’s goals, personality, and product, then molding an idea that is cohesive to all assets of your business will leave you with a unique and well recognized trade show display that will stand out from the others. If you are struggling with creatively communicating brand identity through your trade show displays, feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to drop a few pointers and ideas!

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