Trade Show Booths by Size: What You Should Know About Each

by Jan 23, 2023

After deciding to take your brand to the next level by investing in a custom trade show booth, you must figure out what size and style would benefit you the most. Each size has pros and cons, so you should keep your brand’s needs, goals, and budget top of mind when determining which is best for you. Before making your final decision, learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of different trade show booth dimensions.

10×10 Booths

If this is your first time taking your brand to a trade show, the 10×10 booth is a good beginner option. The lower cost of this booth will allow you to test how beneficial a custom exhibit is with less financial risk. However, a smaller booth size does put your brand at a slight disadvantage. A 10×10 booth gives you the least amount of space for design ideas. There is only enough room to incorporate a small counter and seating area for attendees. If your booth does not look engaging, it can easily be overlooked and ignored, so make sure your graphics and lighting are eye-catching and inviting.

10×20 Booths

The 10×20 booth is ideal for brands with a smaller budget focused on building new relationships and clientele. This booth size offers more room and surface area for additional seating, flashy lights, and branded signage. These features will help attract attendees to your booth allowing your staff to converse with them. However, this extra space is not enough room to add large eye-catching display cases or interactive aspects to your exhibit, which may negatively affect your booth’s foot traffic. Ensure you have memorable giveaways and an upbeat staff managing the booth to give attendees the best experience possible.

20×20 Booths

A 20×20 booth is perfect for your brand if you want to add display cases to showcase products. With additional room, you could also incorporate a small meeting room to hold private conversations with attendees. This booth size is ideal for brands testing new products, seeking immediate product feedback from their target market, or trying to build hype for new product releases with their existing fanbase. 

20×30 Booths

If you’re looking to create a unique booth with interactive experiences, the 20×30 booth gives you the most room. The 20×30 is the largest booth, providing maximum space for creativity. This booth size allows you to add counters, seating, screen displays, flashy LED lights, branded signage, and display cases. It also allows attendees to interact with any products or services you offer. More space also means more people can fit into your booth and be exposed to your brand at one time.

Island Booths

All four sides are open with island booths, allowing attendees to access your exhibit from any direction. This booth provides your brand with the most exposure because even if attendees are not physically in your booth, they can see everything going on from the outside. However, these booths typically cost a little more because of this exposure advantage and because it requires a more elaborate design.

Modular Booths

Consider a modular booth if you want to save on shipping and labor costs. These booths are prefabricated into smaller sections made from lightweight materials, making them easy to assemble on-site without tools. Another bonus feature these booths offer is that the sections are interchangeable, so you can create different designs with different textures as often as you’d like. 

Marketing Genome Can Design Booths of All Sizes

At Marketing Genome, we offer a wide variety of trade show booth sizes. Since every brand is different and each experience is unique, you should have the ability to choose a trade show booth size that meets your goals and budget without compromising on creativity and design. No matter what size booth you need for your next trade show, Marketing Genome can bring your vision to life. 

Do you need help deciding which size trade show booth is right for you? One of our expert marketing consultants can provide a complimentary brainstorming and evaluation session to find out how we can help you. Let’s Talk!

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