Renting vs. Buying Trade Show Booths: Which to Choose?

by Jul 28, 2022

If you’re planning to attend a trade show in the future, you’re probably considering what type of booth you should have and how it should look. More importantly, you might be thinking about whether to rent a booth or buy one to use again down the line. Of course, there’s a difference between a rental trade show booth and buying a custom one for reuse. Discover the pros and cons of both to decide whether buying or renting a trade booth is right for you. 

Renting a Trade Show Booth 

The pros of renting a trade show booth include: 

  • Branding is easy to change. If your company constantly goes through branding changes, you would benefit from renting a trade show booth. Moreover, getting designs that align with your current brand is easier and more affordable when renting your booth instead of committing to one design for years.
  • You can stick closer to your budget. Renting a trade show booth can help cut the costs associated with attending multiple trade shows a year. 
  • Attend multiple trade shows at the same time. If your company is attending various trade shows simultaneously, renting is the most affordable way to go. You won’t have to worry about buying more than one booth, and if the events don’t overlap but are close together in different cities, you don’t have to think about shipping the booth there in time.  
  • Find the right size trade booth. The dimensions of your booth will vary depending on where the trade show is. Renting makes it easy to find the proportions you need. 
  • Liabilities become a thing of the past. Renting a trade show booth covers liabilities like maintenance, insurance, and disposal fees. Plus, renting makes it easy for you to stay within the rules and regulations of whichever trade show you attend. 

The cons of renting a trade show booth include: 

  • The booth could come with some wear and tear. Since you’re not the only one using the trade show booth, it could come with some scuffs and scratches, depending on where you rent it. 

Buying a Trade Show Booth 

The pros of buying a trade show booth: 

  • Consistent appearance. When you buy a trade show booth, your design stays consistent, making it easy for clients and customers to find you. 
  • Customize the booth to fit your needs. When you purchase a booth, you get it exactly to your specifications without the restrictions of renting a trade show booth. 

The cons of buying and owning a trade show booth: 

  • Ownership comes with extra costs. In the long run, owning a trade show booth can cost you more, especially if you have to pay for insurance, repairs, refurbishment, and monthly storage. 
  • Upfront costs can be expensive. A customized trade show booth can cost a lot upfront since you’re designing it from scratch. Having expensive upfront costs can be a hindrance if you’re working with a tight budget.
  • Your trade show booth never changes. Custom booths are true to your brand, but that means you have the same booth at every show. A lack of change may eventually discourage people from stopping by. 

Rent Your Next Trade Show Booth at Marketing Genome

Though your creative ideas may be limited with rental trade show booths from other companies, Marketing Genome has no limitations. We only use the latest and greatest materials and technology to ensure your display always has a fresh, clean, and professional look. You will love it so much that you won’t want to give it back.

Do you need help deciding whether you should rent or buy your trade show booth? One of our expert marketing consultants can provide a complimentary brainstorming and evaluation session to find out how we can help you. Let’s Talk!

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