Design In Real Time

Jump on our screen and tell us what you want. We’ll whip up a design you want instantly.

How Does Live! Booth Designing Work?

Submit your information here or at the bottom of this page and we’d be happy to arrange a time when we can jump on a screen share and design your booth in real-time with you on the phone giving us direction to your layout. 

This is a very simple process that puts you in immediate control of your booth design. 

First, send us a quick idea of the layout you need. It can be as simple as a napkin sketch. Just a foundation to get us going before we screen share. 

Second, let’s schedule a time that works for you. We’ll send a meeting invite with instructions on how to jump onto a screen share so you can ONLY see our screen. We can not see yours. 

Third, we start designing with you. This process usually takes about 30 minutes. Once we complete the call – we then button up your design and present photorealistic renders.

How Does Our Turnkey Process Work?

Our 10 x 10 exhibit and display design services are unparalleled.

We take ownership of your program from the word “go” and your whole show is taken care of with our turnkey service.

Fill out the quick form below or call (866)990-9855 for immediate assistance. 

Coast to Coast Service and Reliability

Strategic placement on the East and West coast guarantees Marketing Genome can handle any job … anywhere.

Say Hello Let’s Talk

Simply reach out, and one of our expert marketing consultants will get on the phone for a complimentary brainstorm and evaluation session to find out how we can help you.

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