Industry Insight – Trade Show Booth Rendering Competitive Analysis

by Dec 25, 2014

Bringing your products to trade shows is a dicey proposition. Your work can fly or flail based on something as simple as your trade show booth. Therefore it’s wise to always know what your booth could look like from various hosts with a booth rendering competitive analysis. 

Old School Vs. New Standard Elements

The standard elements of a booth rendering are going to depend on the mode, which it’s delivered. Some of the very best booth architects are old school and still do preliminary sketches; some by hand even; which give you a fairly accurate idea of what your booth will be. That’s fine but many modern eyes need to see more. AutoCADSketchUpPhotoshop and other programs offer 3-D renderings with graphics, color and depth to make your booth pop!


Trade show participants have limited budgets and many won’t even consider booth rendering competitive analysis because of the upfront costs. However what some may not appreciate is that even booth rendering architects need to eat. If you can find an artist who wants your business many will give you a rendering free of charge. Not only will these companies put a lot of effort into your rendering but they will also likely work doubly hard to attain and maintain your satisfied business.

Whats Included

When your renderings are completed you should have a lot of information to go on. The very best professional renderings will have details; seating, scale, color, lighting, where people will come and go from in real time; a great artist will have gone the extra mile to give you as accurate a representation as possible. This is where booth rendering competitive analysis comes into play; you’re going to need to siphon out the very best of these renderings and be confident that you have made the right choice for your show.

Reasonable Timelines

It’s easy to say that you should be able to have this rendering in a short period of time but when you give a creative person time to create they are a lot more likely to come back with something pleasing. Therefore the sooner out you can order this rendering the more likely you are to be satisfied with the result. Of course trade show life is choppy as well and you may not know you’re going to a show until much later than you’d like. 

Keep your trade show looking it’s best by getting detailed booth renderings. 



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