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by Apr 2, 2019

Experiences = Exposure2

Creating brand awareness and connecting with customers, both potential and current, is the ultimate goal of any marketing plan. Years ago this process was relatively straightforward, but today there are a lot more options to throw into the mix of your engagement strategy. One of the fastest growing tools in 2019 is delivering one of a kind experiences to draw attention and recognition to your brand. Creating these unique events is where an Experiential Marketing Agency comes into the picture. From planning to production to execution, the knowledge and support they provide is an absolute asset to this creative marketing approach.

Growing Up

Handing out flyers as a marketing tool has been around almost as long as we have been on this planet. Who knows cavemen might have passed out leaves with their version of Yelp reviews on ’em. With the advent of radio and television, connecting with customers took its next step forward. These new mediums allowed you to reach a much larger audience running your advertisements over the airwaves, but today with cord cutting millennials they are becoming less and less valuable in key demographics.

When we hit the mid-80s Guerrilla aka Experiential Marketing was born, and ever since have grown exponentially to be one of the most innovative tools to increase your brand’s engagement with the right customers. Today there are more ways than ever to implement these strategies. We see more and more businesses using street teams, pop up shops, and mobile marketing campaigns to take their brand awareness to the next level. So what’s the best fit for your business?

Street Teams

This is a “boots on the ground” approach to building brand awareness. Originally used by small record labels to build fan bases and raise ticket sales in the 90s, this strategy has grown into one of the easiest, quickest and most affordable experiential marketing solutions for brands of all sizes. The original concept of giving out freebies on busy city streets, shopping plazas, parks, train stations – anywhere the masses gather – still holds up today. Adding your social media info to the swag you hand out can extend the life of your Street Team campaign well after the team turns in for the night.

Recently, we sent out brand ambassadors for the clothing company Trukfit. The targeting was so spot on we could barely keep the handouts in stock:

Pop Up Shops

Over the past decade, pop up shops have increased in popularity dramatically, from both the business and consumer side. Taking a nod from art galleries’ technique of bringing in fresh works to add value through exclusivity, a pop up shop will do the same for your brand. Everyone likes to feel special, and by doing that for customers you add another level of connection to your company.

The shop in and of itself instills that feeling, but adding limited edition items increases it even further. These pop ups are definitely a larger undertaking than sending out a street team, but they have the added benefit of allowing your business to test out a new location before committing or considering a move. The effectiveness of pop-up shops can be further amplified when launched around events like trade shows. Make it a trifecta with a street team and you have a marketing campaign that’s sure to gain devoted fans. A recent campaign we did for SEGA at San Diego Comic-Con is a prime example of how a pop up shop can create lines around the block trying to be a part of your brand experience.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

As businesses, we all want to get as many eyes on our branding as possible. Having a prime location to get the most foot traffic is great, but when you hit the road there is no such thing as a slow day. Food trucks are on almost every corner these days, but you don’t have to be slinging grilled cheese to get the most out of a mobile campaign. When you go with an experiential marketing agency with the right tools, there are ways to implement this technique for any product or service. You could build a pop-up shop in an Airstream trailer, or hand product samples out of an ice cream truck. It can start simple with just throwing a wrap on a van, or you can go all-in on a fully custom vehicle. Regardless of the concept, mobile marketing is a great way to get out in front of consumers and build your brand awareness.


Going For It

These are just a few examples of building brand awareness by engaging consumers through experiential marketing. These, for sure, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to going guerrilla and taking your brand on the move. There are near limitless possibilities when it comes to creating unique experiences to draw people to your brand. Using just one of these methods can add a lot of of value to your marketing strategy, even for relatively low cost. It’s even better to mix and match these elements, or use them all, to really take your company’s brand right to the doorstep of the customers you really want to bring in. This is where it really helps to get an experiential marketing agency on your team. It’s their specialty delivering these experiences, and working hand in hand will maximize the value of your next campaign.

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