Experiential Event Management: Sports Edition

by Jan 7, 2015

The game has changed. As our world goes digital, and our consumer experience becomes tailored to personal preferences, marketing must adapt.

Think of it as Digital Darwinism.

The modern consumer ignores the homogenized, spray-and-pray tactics of traditional marketers, preferring a tailored, engaging experience that places them “in the shoes” of the product or service.

This paradigm shift has been followed by the rise of Experiential Marketing Displays & campaigns, a recent phenomenon where the companies directly engage consumers, encouraging them to participate in the evolution of a brand.

One area where experiential event management companies have shown impressive results is the sports industry. Already a hands-on, physical, and immersive environment, sports are a prime example of how experiential marketing can benefit a brand.

Nike Camp Victory

Speed is something that needs to be seen and even felt to be believed, making it an ideal vehicle for experiential marketing displays. Understanding this, Nike decided to engage customers by asking them “How do you feel fast?” This was the premise of the Camp Victory campaign.

By bringing technology, marketing, and community participation together, Nike ignited imaginations and encouraged consumers to work harder, which translated directly into stronger sales numbers buoyed by those looking for an edge.

Bonus Campaign: ASIC’S Run with Ryan

Adidas Predator Instinct

They are not just cleats. That would be your mindset if you participated in the Adidas Predator Instinct campaign. Going all out, Adidas gave potential customers the opportunity to test their skills in a life-size video game arena….one that happened to include laser-gun-wielding hunters.

Through the combination of two important cultural activities, soccer and gaming, Adidas’ experiential event management added a sense of excitement, grandeur, and even urgency, to the consumer experience.

Gatorade REPLAY

Former high school athletes occasionally look back and think about what it would be like to get a second shot. Well, Gatorade’s experiential event management decided to harness this wistful longing for the glory days by leveraging nostalgia against the health concerns of a sedentary lifestyle.

What resulted was Gatorade REPLAY, an ingenious campaign that pits old HS rivals against each other for one last game. REPLAY succeeded by creating a fully-realized dream scenario, while reinvigorating the competitive spirit and emphasizing a healthy lifestyle for adults. A truly simple concept with far-reaching effects.

Experiential marketing campaigns have changed the game by placing consumers in the middle of the experience, engaging both mind and body. This is marketing in the Digital Age.




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