Brand Awareness Campaigns

We are a full-service Experiential Marketing Agency in NJ that specializes in further developing the brands of our clients through unconventional marketing programs.

Experiential Brand Awareness Campaigns

Marketing Genome educates, intrigues and entices current and potential consumers by effectively creating brand awareness campaigns that cater to their needs and wants. By understanding the needs and wants of our clients target markets, M/G can create brand awareness campaigns that cause the right audience to take notice and desire to learn more about a specific product or brand.

Our clients look to M/G to create and execute brand awareness campaigns in order to exponentially increase the marketing reach of the company. Through strategically coordinated programs, M/G can properly educate potential consumers about a company or brand so that the company is now “on their radar”.

The general public is constantly bombarded by advertisements during their everyday lives, but it is when a brand awareness campaign is personalized to an extent where it directly communications to them, does it then produce curiosity and awareness.

Marketing Genome has successfully executed brand awareness campaigns in the gaming, comics, entertainment and consumer goods industries. Depending on our client’s needs, our programs can be focus on a local market or designed to be conducted as a nationwide campaign.

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