9 Myths About Trade Show Planning: Busted

by Jan 15, 2015

No long intro here, just the facts. There are many trade show planning myths floating around which should be dispelled. Here are a few to start with.

You’re Not Selling

While some exhibit booths may not be making any cash for goods transactions at a trade show, you are definitely selling a concept. Some say that booths that are not generally making transactions are wasting time and money at trade shows. But you’re selling yourself, selling your brand, and selling your image to big rollers who may one day become major partners or clients. Hence, well worth the investment.

Anyone Can Staff

Thinking of sending your “B” team? It’s important to not just send “anyone” from your office. Trade shows staffing takes a certain intangible element. This is the face of your company. Make sure you’re looking your best. If your skeptical about who to send, 3rd party booth staffing is always an option. 


Some of the more heinous trade show planning myths are about the Installation & Dismantle crew (I&D). While it’s true you could wind up with some “personalities” among the crew for your trade show most all of these folks are very competent and skilled. If you struggle managing these people or simply have a loss of patience for the process, an on-site event management company can oversee the process ensuring smooth operation

Party On

Trade shows are a party? Yes, there are no shortages of associated events and parties. Of course you’re away from your natural element and you want to have some fun, but this factor should have balance to ensure heightened professionalism.

If You’ve Seen One…

Marine Corps Logistics Command hosts its second Small Business Trade Show at the James H. Gray Sr. Civic Center in Albany, Aug. 4 and Friday. More than 100 vendors showcased their technological innovations during the two-day event.

Another one of the trade show planning myths, which is baffling, is that they are all identical. To say that a trade show attended by everyone even remotely connected to your industry is the same as a small local trade show in a rural location is absurd. What is true is that not all trade shows offer the same return. Some may simply not be worth the time. Again, an experienced trade show management company will be able to give further insight as to which trade shows are right for you.

Virtual Insanity

Some have said that the virtual nature of the world will make virtual trade shows the “next big thing.” The concept and preliminary attempts are definitely cool to look and may be a giant leap forward. All we can say; maybe one day, but no time soon. We will however keep you updated on the development!

No One Goes

Trade shows still attract a lot of attention. Rosters for these trade shows are booked out well in advance. The thought that no one goes is folly. You may just be talking to the wrong person. Do some research and inquire with professionals. They will give you detailed information to base your decision off of.

Money Honey

Yes trade shows cost money but so does getting your product to market. Without some of the connections you can make in a weekend at a trade show, things get vastly more complicated. Trade shows are more of an inbound tactic, instead of shouting out randomly; trade shows position you with your optimal customer persona. This is a lot cheaper than some other tactics.

Too Much Time

Prepping for a trade show is a continuous thing; a trade show is just a public pitch for your products. So the “too much time” argument is moot. With the assistance trade show management company, booths can often be built out in less than 2 days, often requiring you to do no more than check in on progress.  You may have to take a weekend off; that time spent is well worth it.

Trade shows will continue on for some time to come. Where will your product take hold?

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