4 Uber-Engaging Ideas For Trade Show Product Displays

by Dec 13, 2016

Whether your prospects are from Missouri (the “Show Me State”) or not, chances are they’ll want more than just a story about your product. Best way to really “shine a light” (Ha!) on your product? A high quality display emphasizing all its glorious advantages and illustrating its undeniable desirability.A recent study by CEIR found that “81% of all trade show attendees have buying authority”. That means that 4 of every 5 people walking by your booth are potential customers! To completely capitalize on the situation you can show them why yours is the next hot buy with fully optimized trade show product displays that simultaneously, entice and engage.

Consider the following 4 key tips for uber-effective trade show product displays;


Hands-On Interactions

Humans love to touch and interact with new things. These senses are part of what makes us human. Make it ultra clear that attendants can handle your product and try it out for themselves. Also ensure hands-on opportunities are widely available when planning the exhibit design, especially if your product can be “experienced”. This will undoubtedly create a much, much more memorable experience.

Below you may be wondering what those bottles in the microwave looking thing is. Wouldn’t you love to know? Well, so would the attendees at that show and that’s the point.

Integrating Displays Within Structures

Try utilizing every surface within your allotted trade show floor space to your advantage. Ever consider dedicating a single wall with custom built-in features? Display walls save space but more importantly draw attendants’ eyes to the custom product displays. 

Here’s an interactive booth design we did for BIG Tent Entertainment. We decided to integrate product displays into the actual modular exhibit walls to bait attendees to enter the exhibit for a more hands-on experience. Ever see kids staring into fish tanks? …Case and point. 

Simulate a Workspace 

In addition to allowing customers to touch and pick up products, set up a space where they can try out its function for themselves. For example; you sell an organizational or cleaning product. Create a giant mess on a side worktable. Hey, you can even have the attendees help make the mess. Then, reel them in with a demonstration on how simple your product is to clean it up. 

Is the product a new tool? A better air compressor, more efficient light bulb, or more secure lock? Dedicate a space that simulates the environment where your products are most likely to be used. I.e. A car repair shop, living room or jail cell (respectively).

Amplify Small Products 

For smaller, hard-to-see products, incorporate large exhibit graphics illustrating their purpose or use three-dimensional pop-up displays to really capture passerby’s’ attention.

You might also film a demo and have that demo get projected onto larger display screens situated around your booth. You’d be surprised how hard attendees will hunt for the actual demo display within the booth.

Wrapping Up

No matter your industry niche or product, great trade show product displays are possible. It just needs some creativity, ingenuity and experience of what works. Be open to new trade show booth ideas and never be afraid to think outside the box. We can say from experience, that is what separates a good booth from an epic one.

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